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  •  Bipartisanship is a tactic, not a philosophy (33+ / 0-)

    It is a means, not an end in and of itself.  In the correct context, bipartisanship can be used to accomplish noble goals.  FDR used it to win WW II, and it took considerable GOP support to end the filibuster on the 1964 Public Accomodations Act.

    Neither of those historical analogies apply here.  While this country faces its gravest economic crisis in >75 years, the GOP is still wedded, to the Reaganite Gospel that tax cuts and deregulation solve all ills.  Never mind that 8 years of tax cuts and deregulation were 2 of the biggest factors that got us in our current mess.  Digging the hole deeper will somehow help extricate us from the hole.

    That fact was obvious in December when Corker suddenly became a GOP hero by leading the charge against the Detroit bailout.  Never mind that the MI economy was teetering on the precipice, and never mind that other states like OH and IN were at serious risk, too.  Crushing labor (another core Reaganite philosophy) was more important than staving off severe economic trauma.

    Given that set of circumstances, the means of bipartisanship was obviously not going to be useful to the ends sought by the new WH.  To steal an Elton John lyric, it would be like trying to find gold in a silver mine.  The critical Obama goal of starting to remedy the catastrophic economic damage wrought in the Bush years could not be achieved through the means of bipartisanship.

    I'm constantly annoyed that so many people focus on the stolen base as a baseball stat instead of the run--I saw that again when Ricky Henderson was elected to Cooperstown.  Steals are a means--scoring runs is the end.  Bipartisanship is a means--reviving the economy is the end.  Just as a lead footed team should not utilize the means of the steal, a Dem WH facing the contemporary GOP should not use the means of bipartisanship.

    Why people at the WH have been so blind to these obvious realities is cause for concern.

    Some men see things as they are and ask why. I see things that never were and ask why not?

    by RFK Lives on Sun Feb 08, 2009 at 08:05:18 PM PST

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    •  Bipartisanship is an oxymoron (4+ / 0-)
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      imabluemerkin, NonnyO, LoriKP, hwmnbn

      that is used to disarm your opposition...

      it is like saying I know you have a bazooka...but let's make this a fair fight and let just stick with switch blades for this battle...

      and then you fall for it...

      Do not become the sycophants we have despised for 8 years.

      by justmy2 on Sun Feb 08, 2009 at 09:29:41 PM PST

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