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    I respect the fact your diary is well-intentioned, but I must object to the pattern it adheres to that i'm seeing all over DKOS.

    Obama, Summers, Rubin, and Geithner are no more part of "us," or "we" than G. W. Bush.  It is entirely too convenient that at the same time idiot Repubs are pointing fingers at Dems as "socialists" looking to institute fascism, we have Democrats pointing fingers at Repubs claiming they are trying to wreck the economy to create fascism.

    Meanwhile, the moneyed class intermingles between the two, looting the fucking treasury.

    This BS finger pointing does nothing to help recognize the fact that both parties are actively complacent in letting the banksters own us all.

    I don't know about you guys, but i'm not a Democrat, and i'm not a Republican, but i'm in the 90% that i believe most of us here are in that is being robbed blindly by the remaining 10%.

    I quit arguing awhile ago, but I have been gritting my teeth every time I see another diary that helps sustain the social divide that is enabling the rich to literally steal our futures...


    They may be idiots, or jesus-freaks, but they're being stolen from just the same as all of you.

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