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  •  New Legislation (none)
    Democrats must call on republicans to introduce legislation that bans gay marriage. Force the issue. Force the republicans to stand up and vote for the bullshit VALUES they won this election on.

    If the republicans won't introduce the legislation - let the democrats introduce it and start the ball rolling. Force the issue. Make them take a stand - either way. Throw the red meat to their supporters.

    Maybe some religious legislation too. Let's require our public schools to hire religious teachers to teach religions - all religions. And provide religious facilities in public schools - chapels, synagogues, the whole shebang. But provide no federal funding for these religious programs. Let the locals pay for them.

    Let's get all of their VALUES out on the congressional floor for votes. Make them back up their words with their actions.

    And then let America and the world decide what to do next. Let's show the whole world what we (or at least 51% of us) stand for these days.

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