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  •  As opposed to most o fyou here... (none)
    I encourage you to consider leaving the US.

    You can pursue happiness on your own by packing your stuff and moving to Canada for example. Canadians welcome all those who are liberal minded and do not mind living in a diverse society.

    In fact, the course of events in the US right now, mimics what happened in my country in the mid 90s. After being pushed to the fringe I realized that it is futile to attempt to change a theocratic society in a single lifetime and moved to a place where my views were accepted by the mainstream.

    You see, I'm an ardent atheist who was born and raised in an ultra-Catholic country. Living amongst people blinded by their dogma was both frustrating and discouraging. My viewpoint was condemned openly by friends, family and strangers alike.

    Soon, politics followed the societal trends: abortion was banned, homophobia was rampant and the Church got huge tax breaks and was able to pursue a number of dubious land claims. In the end it came down to sticking it out with the other 10% of open-minded, progressive people who saw the tragedy looming or cutting my losses and trying to build a new life in a place that is less extremist in its worldview and its politics. In the end, after careful deliberation I decided to move to Canada.

    I recommend that every one of you give emigration a serious pondering as it is very unlikely that the sectarian half of the American society is going to embrace your differing points of view.

    •  Which country was this? (none)
        •  Well it is clear that (none)
          the leadership didn't follow the Catholic Church on one issue- the Iraq War.
          •  Poles are actually against the war (none)
            But let me assure you that the only reason why Polish people are not in support of the Iraq invasion is because they were told so by the Pope. In Poland everything comes down to what the Pope thinks of any given issue. I can guarantee you that if the Pope sanctioned the war all Poles young and old would have invaded Iraq by themselves without America even helping! That guy is like a de-facto president of the country. Thank goodness he happened to be in favour of the EU enlargement.
    •  The problem is... (none)
      ...that most of us really, earnestly desire change and won't bolt until it's too late.  We want to try to change things where we are.

      You may be right; it may be hopeless.  But in the end, I think that rather than actually pulling up our roots and leaving, we may decide on secession, perhaps in combination with union with Canada (the blue areas are noncontiguous, but all border Canada).

      However, even if this does happen, it probably wouldn't be for 25 years or so, after we've tried everything we can.

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      by DC Pol Sci on Fri Nov 05, 2004 at 02:25:19 PM PST

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      •  We understand Northeast.... (none)
        ...although I very much doubt it will ever become a part of Canada! I can't imagine any US government allowing that to happen without a major (military) confrontation.

        Trying to make a religious person open up to a differing point of view is futile. You will never persuade them about individual rights when they always refer to their holy book (whichever it happens to be) to justfiy the reason why such rights should be restricted. And if you rebut their holy scriptures they will fight you by quoting... more holy scriptures. It's circular logic. I think this short story illustrates the point rather well. For those people, change must come from within or they will die convinced how lucky they are to be born into the one true Faith.

        Unfortunately it's much easier for a society to pick up a religious momentum than a secular one but I have never witnessed a rapid swing the opposite way.

    •  Not that easy (none)
      Canada has standards, you know.   It's not easy for Americans to get in.  For a vacation, yeah, but permanently?  Maybe if you can find a Canuck who wants to marry you...

      "We share half our genes with the banana. This is a fact more evident in some of my acquaintances than others." - Robert Mays

      by randym77 on Fri Nov 05, 2004 at 04:30:41 PM PST

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      •  Easier than you think... (none)
        Visit the immigration Canada home page.

        Canada has had an active immigration programme for many years now and it is the most comprehensive immigration package of any country in the world.

        Even if you don't qualify under any of the federal immigration programmes there is also a couple of provinces (namely New Brunswick and Manitoba) that have their own immigration criteria.

        Also every American is a member of NAFTA, something that makes it a virtual formality to get a Canadian visa once you manage to secure a job in Canada.

        Bienvenue au Canada!

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