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  •  hehehe (none)
    even better attack the GOP relentlessly in the next years with only one point, they don't match up tp their values.

    If they want a new bill that criminalizes some abortions ...

    deny the bill and push for one that would reduce the number of abortions, a job law for single mothers, partnership courses, stick to the talking points.
    "We want to reduce the abortion rate! Republicans just want to make symbolic laws against it!"

    ... if the say that gay marriage will kill hetrosexual marriage, offer tax credits to married couples,  beat them with it, find new solutions, but never step back from any "values" discussion

    ... talk about values every time you hold a speech, never stop.

    ...use the same techniques the gop used in arguing for a balanced budget ( can't spend what you don't have in your pocket blablabla ) frame it as a values discussion, when the war against terror ( or anything else ) costs another 200 billion ask in congress for a tax hike, because the war should be won by us and not our children, frame it as a values thing, if a gop candidate has a marriage problem attack him for lacking family values.

    Never defend always attack.
    We can win any values debate.

    •  Defense of Marriage (none)
      So if it's so important to defend marriage that we have to keep the gays down, what about divorce? When are they going to put an amendment on the ballot for that? What's their excuse, except that the religious right gets divorced far more than the Liberals in Massachussetts? Pin them down.

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