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  •  The fact is (none)
    we a rebeing caricatured and demonized.  We have to caricature them back to create an alternate narrative, and to create awareness for the extremism that has teken over the R party.

    We're not Jesus.  We're a political party.  If your goal is to get crucified, then turn the other cheek.  If you want to make a difference in the lives of working people, restore civil liberties and justice at home and to our foreign policy, then be as cunning as a fox while pure of heart.

    •  Is it now. (none)
      We are being caricatured and demonized; we need to clearly demonstrate how false that caricature actually is. Caricaturing them back will not do that, it will do the opposite. Let them caricature themselves; we will clearly show to the vast majority of Americans who we really are, and why they should stand with us.

      John Kerry won the endorsement war, gaining endorsements from prominent conservative newspapers and figures. And each time, these self-same figures were torn down by the most far-right and radical segment of the Republican party, calling them RINOs and traitors and worse. We need to take those people in, and show them that we will listen to their concerns instead of resorting to childish name calling and reprehensible character assassination.

      Jesus won by being crucified. Because the people saw it, and saw that it was wrong. How could you crucify such a great man, without being evil yourselves. That's what this is about. We need to show people the inner goodness of our goals and our agenda, the pureness of our intent. And when we are attacked for doing so, it will be clear to them which side they belong on.

      You know who is cunning as a fox while pure of heart? Ghandi. Martin Luther King. Barack Obama. They knew that hate was not the answer. We need to as well.

      •  rhetorical non-violence (none)
        will maintain us as a pemanent minority.  I agree, we need to seize the moral high ground, but you also have to have someone else on your side who is willing and more than able to break some political kneecaps.  That's human nature.

        This is not India under the Brits, nor is it South Africa under apartheid.  Your idelaism is admirable, but your historical analogies are misapplied.  To believers, Jesus' victory was not temporal but spiritual  His followers, under Constantine, were anything but non-violent.  They were ruthless and murderous.

        We won't be murderous, but we will be figuratively violent in attacking their frames and failures is were are going to be effective in restoring justice, equality and civil rights.

        The Bhagavad Gita has a wonderful tale in it of, I think it was Arvedui, who had great misgivings in going to war.  Go toi war, the gods told him, for it is the natural order, and all is well in the end.  The tale captures something essential about human nature:  we are violent animals.  That's not all we are, but to deny the aggression in human nature is folloy, and self-deceit.  So let us use our aggression to good ends.  This culture war is real, though not a physical war, in the bodily violent sense at least not domestically).  But we cannot be afraid to fight in order to win.

        In fact, it is precisely the Democrat's squeemishness with this elemental part of human nature that leads many Americans to instinctively distrust us.  Bush is a simple minded, ruthless sonofabitch.  And that's why his followers like him, and trust him with their security.  And that in part is why the gay marriage issue is not completely about man-on-man sex, but about the stereotype of the Deomcratic party as unmanned, and unable to be aggressive in the service of security.

        I admire your spirit.  But you are badly mistaken in your political approach.

        "Make each day your masterpiece." -- John Wooden

        by Pachacutec on Fri Nov 05, 2004 at 07:10:55 PM PST

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