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  •  Time to Out-Right the Right... (none)
    [Some future 527 ad.]

    Fade in.

    "President Bush says he believes in the sanctity of life."

    Slowly zooming in on smiling baby.

    "But in the seven years of this Bush administration..."

    Cut to close up of abortion clinic.

    "...9 million babies were murdered."

    Slowly zoom in on church threshold as newly married man and woman exit in traditional dress, bouquet, rice, etc.

    "President Bush says he believes that marriage is between a man and a woman."

    Cut to close up of gay couples standing in line to be married.

    "But under President Bush's watch, more gay weddings have been allowed than ever before."

    Zoom in on Bush's face.

    "George Bush and the Republicans have failed to support America's values.  Do you really think they should be protecting yours?"

    •  That sucked... (none)
      That ad sucks.

      It's too tame.

      A giant crucifix with a giant American flag and Rambo invading Fallujah.  All in the same frame.

      Then shots of Bush with the presidential seal forming a halo around his head and gesturing in such a way that looks like a benediction.

      And a voiceover: "George Bush saved America!  Now let Rick Santorum save the world!"

      "Paid for by Democrats for God, 2008."

      Now we're talking. Yeah.

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