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    I agree that the CW is converging on the idea that "moral values" determined the outcome, meaning homosexuality and abortion.  It is true that the Republican coalition is vulnerable in this regard, since it includes libertarian capitalist types and just plain greedheads who might want abortions for themselves, their daughters or wives.  It obviously creates a problem for Andrew Sullivan, though he represents a constituency of approximately 9.  

    However, I don't think we should underestimate the cynicism and shameless hypocrisy of the big Wall Street, Silicon Valley and corporate media supporters of the Repubs.  They know that no matter what happens, they will always be able to have sex with whoever they want and get abortions for their womenfolk, as rich people have always done.  Bill O'Reilly isn't going to pay any penalty for being a libertine, as an obvious example.  They are happy to exploit the obsessions of the religious right because they aren't really personally threatened.  They know what's going on, there's no real cost to them if Ralph Reed wants to take public credit for the victory.  

    Personally, I think that the culture is likely to continue to evolve.  We aren't going back to the 14th Century.  The backlash against the Enlightenment will recede, and reason will prevail in due course.  It's painful in the meantime, to be sure.

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