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  •  I thought I was the only one who felt this way!!! (4.00)
    If its morally wrong to abort a pregnancy even in cases of rape, why should infertile couple be free to wash down the drain 9 or 19 fertilized eggs jsut so a 40 someting couple can have 1 live baby?
    If abortion is to be illegal, so to should ALL in-vitro fertilization be illegal.

    (Now, try and get a majority of Americans to support that!)

    Abso-EFFIN-loutely. If a women gets preggers, even during rape or incest and can intrepret that as God's will. Since God was in this election, shouldn't HIS will be done?

    Well the converse is that if you CAN'T have a baby by NATURAL means, that is ALSO God's will.

    If they wanna play this game, we should give it back to them, WITH INTEREST!

    No abortion, no in-vitro, no fertility drugs.....

    Since in-vitro produces stem cells.....and reserach on them is against "the culture of life", the usual method of destroying them (incenerating them) does the same....the answer is produce no more stem cells!

    LOL.....since the public allowed this rabble to choose w/o examinig the whole story....perhaps they will go along qietly w/ this scenerio?!

    •  no viagra (none)
      it is not god's pharmaceuticals. if g*d doesn't provide it in a natural or herbal form, then it is not g*d's will. Shut down all the pharmaceutical companies. No more prescriptions. no more over the counter medications.

      what do you say to the last republican who votes kerry instead of bush so as not to make another mistake

      by demnomore on Fri Nov 05, 2004 at 05:04:28 PM PST

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