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  •  We need to run for school board. (none)
    and work our way up to state boards of education. Let's not put up with this shit. There's no way I want my kids being taught that the Grand Canyon was created by Noah's flood.
    or that creationism is a reasonable alternative to evolution.
    All you Dems in red states, we need you. Otherwise we're just letting them teach the next generation the same crap, and it will never end.
    •  The Repukes run UNOPPOSED! (none)
      More than 1/2 of local offices on the ballots are just one repuke.  the so-called dem party doesnt bother to even put up a candidate.

      We are ignored down here in the south.

      Atleast DEAN came to texas.

      •  Exactly (none)
        my IL state sen (Repug) ran unopposed! It's bullshit. We have to start running candidates for these smaller offices and start taking over.

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