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  •  I read all the way through this thread (4.00)
    ...and I'm amazed that no one cited the Thomas Frank (What's Wrong With Kansas) Op Ed from today.

    Tom Schaller is mostly talking about more triangulation.

    And yet, Democrats still have no coherent framework for confronting this chronic complaint, much less understanding it. Instead, they "triangulate," they accommodate, they declare themselves converts to the Republican religion of the market, they sign off on Nafta and welfare reform, they try to be more hawkish than the Republican militarists. And they lose. And they lose again. Meanwhile, out in Red America, the right-wing populist revolt continues apace, its fury at the "liberal elite" undiminished by the Democrats' conciliatory gestures or the passage of time.


    To short-circuit the Republican appeals to blue-collar constituents, Democrats must confront the cultural populism of the wedge issues with genuine economic populism. They must dust off their own majoritarian militancy instead of suppressing it; sharpen the distinctions between the parties instead of minimizing them; emphasize the contradictions of culture-war populism instead of ignoring them; and speak forthrightly about who gains and who loses from conservative economic policy.

    What is more likely, of course, is that Democratic officialdom will simply see this week's disaster as a reason to redouble their efforts to move to the right. They will give in on, say, Social Security privatization or income tax "reform" and will continue to dream their happy dreams about becoming the party of the enlightened corporate class. And they will be surprised all over again two or four years from now when the conservative populists of the Red America, poorer and angrier than ever, deal the "party of the people" yet another stunning blow.

    •  How true.. (none)
      Nafta gets blamed on Clinton by my Sisters who's one of those Evangelical Relative Moralists while the Repunks get a free ride on outsorucing to China. You see, Relative Moralism works both ways. Bash gays, and the poor are poor becasue of their own failings.
    •  yes (none)
      he hits it exactly on the head. If you read the dlc's analysis of why we lost when it came to 'values'(they don't even question the validity of this argument) they are already laying the groundwork for the 'need' to move to the center' on moral questions.

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