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  •  The Truth about Ralph Reed (none)
    I went to University of Georgia in the early 80s - there was a small group of insane right wing Christian fundamentalist students who would pray in the dorm lobbies and corner you with their cult like zombie smiles in the rec room to try  to convert you to Their Christianity.

    The leader of these crazie fundies was Ralph Reed.

    In the early 80s the school newspaper The Red and Black decided that because of Reagan Revolution they should balance out the left leaning journalist school type opinion pieces with one from the right . they enlisted Ralph Reed.

    Ralph's right wing op eds stuck out like a sore thumb in a paper that was written mostly by students of the well regarded Journalism School of UGA (the Peabody award is given from this school).

    But in the name of balance, the paper continue to publish Reed's screeds.

    Well wouldn't you know that Ralph's op ed were  actually pretty well written == a bit too well written turns out all of his op eds were PLAGARIZED yes Mr. Moral Majority was ripping off other writers to come up with his op eds. This lead to a very embarrassed newspaper-- a high profile firing of Ralph Reed and a very public apology from the newspaper .  There were also implications that Mr Reed falsified his transcript to get into UGA but not sure if those stories are true (but i wouldn't be surprised).

    So basically the leader of the Religious Right was fired from Student newspaper for plagiarizing .. and yet I have never read ONE story about this-- it would be so easy for a reporter to go to Athens Georgia walk into the University Library and do a quick search of microfilm of the Red and Black in the Periodical Department in the basement of the library.

    Hello Journalist ???

    •  Reed -- RNC? (none)
      The Party of Bigotry and Religious Zealots strikes again!

      Just heard on NPR (Marketplace) that Ralphie-boy is now on the short list to head the RNC.

      If the premise of this diary is true, than this plays further into our hand.

      We need a better name than The Party of Bigotry and Religious Zealots....way too hard to type...

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