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  •  Values Crowd (none)
    We NEED to peel off the values crowd.

    No, we don't.  We need to seal off the values absolutists, and get to work on the people who care about "values" but don't approach it as a euphemism for "strangers' dirty sex habits."  Progressivism-as-values isn't going to work on Ralph Reed's crowd, but it might work on the much larger bunch just to their left, the live-and-let-live Main Street Republicans.

    •  Well... (none)
      ...I probably miscommunicated.  I know we'll never pull away homophobes and zealots who cloak their bigotry in talk of "values".  But we DO need a well-articulated and consistent "values" framework that sells.

      It's there, we just don't talk about it.  We stick up for the little guy, and we champion the oppressed and powerless.  Our party ideology embodies the values of tolerance, self-sacrifice, compassion, truth, skepticism, fairness, generosity and kindness.

      This SHOULD sell with Christians, I would think.  We've just cloaked our message in policy prescriptions for too long.  Ideology needs to take center stage.

      -Fe Wm.

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