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  •  I Should Have Done a Better Job of Listening (none)
    As you can see from my signature, I torture myself a couple of days a week listening to AM wingnut radio. I listen but I've been focused on the policy stuff, the war stuff not the cultural stuff.

    Well, I listened this week and you know what I heard? Rage. Yeah. Even in exulting in a win for Bush these guys were pissed. The hosts were pissed. The callers were pissed. The e-mails were pissed.

    Why were they so mad? They were angry because they belive with all of their hearts of hearts that liberals think that they are dumb.

    They identify with Bush. When we called him a chimp. We called them chimps. They are joined at the hip with Bush. Not the policy. It's what's driving them deeper into the arms of the GOP.

    You know I missed it. It started with regan really. They love Regan. And they've been looking for someone to transfer all of that passion to.

    Not all of these voters lead  with their hearts, but they saw every attack on Bush as an attack on themselves. It is Bush's very ordinaryness that cemented the bond. All of that alienated-angry-white-guy stuff didn't disappear. It just attached itself to Bush. It's not the sole source of the support. It's mor complex than that, but when you can get an investment banker and a truck driver on the same page that's saying something.

    I listen to wingnut radio so you don't have to!

    by Sharon on Fri Nov 05, 2004 at 03:41:05 PM PST

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