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  •  Vilification (none)
    we condescend to them and think they're stupid. I'm seeing a lot of that happening in this thread.

    OK, condescension like this might happen on threads on DailyKos.  Much worse is said about liberals and Democrats on Free Republic and Little Green Footballs, not to mention across the radio spectrum and in syndicated columns.  

    People who think that churchgoing small-towners are being trashed, and harbor grudges about it that influence their voting, aren't really thinking about Democrats.  They're thinking about Hollywood.  Democrats are getting punished for things the party doesn't do.

    •  what the fuck is wrong with having hollywood libs (none)
      on our side?  my extreme christian overdrive repug friends always say it's so sad that all the stars are dems, and even tried to boycott movies as long as they could.  libs shrink when the bullies rant about the hollywood libs, but they protect rush/hannity/o'reilly/coulter like a mother bear.  we need hollywood to get out our voice.  we have no media to speak for us.  i like the fact that springsteen, mayor, and other talents are for us.  have we let the repugs fool us into being ashamed that hollywood is for us? it's what they are terribly, terribly jealous of.
      •  Vilification vs. Shrinking (none)
        I hope you're not identifying me as one of the shrinking liberals.  But it annoys me that the Democratic party has become the whipping boy for a set of cultural attitudes that have almost nothing to do with the electoral process.  

        Conservatives have managed to come up with a winning branding strategy that unifies, under the label of "liberalism," the Democratic party; gays, feminists, blacks, Jews, criminals, and hippies; the news media; TV commercials; and Hollywood moguls, along with a bunch more I'm sure I'm forgetting.  Sure, a lot of these people probably vote for Democrats, but the party has a lot more to say and do about things like prescription drugs and international law and other, you know, policies.  Who is doing all this mocking and hectoring that wounds them so badly?  Not John Kerry.  Not Hillary Clinton.  But I know they think TV treats Christians as the butt of jokes.  

        Republicans are attracting support by saying that a vote for them is a vote against filth.  The Democratic party per se is not an engine of whatever filth it is these people perceive.  

        But, hey, if that's the way it's going to be, I'd like to see an effort made to identify the Republican party with the vileness of the puffed-up moralists and the corporate plunderers and the other assorted bigots and tycoons that drag this country down.  If we're going to be treated like an un-American enemy, they're going to have to reap the whirlwind they've been whipping up for 50 years.

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