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  •  Awesome !! (none)
    today is the first day since the election i have seen some fucking fire in this blog !!

    Ok, now. I think Kos is 100000% right !!

    We need to smear, jeer and slander the Republicans with the extremism of the  christian right wing.

    While these fundies were enough to put bush over the top, they dont make up half the party. And i bet just like us, the half that isnt a jesus freak is just as worried about living in Jesusland as we are.

    Jesus was just one of the groups that gave bush the win. We dont need to move in that direction, we need ot get the moderates with our sound fiscal message and scaring them about living in Jesusland, where instead of buying a lexus, they gotta give Jesus a tithe.

    When they put out flyers saying we want to ban the bible, we put out flyers saying thay want to ban the pill. We put out a message that they want a Jesus Tax.

    These right wing evangelicals have bitten off more than they can chew, and more than America will stomach. Lets ram their shit right down their fucking throats for the next 4 years. We dont pander to their values, we skewer them with them. THEY ARE closed minded, dark ages, BIGOTS.

    I also agree with the posters who say you want social revolution ? BRING IT ON. lets put an abortion bill out there with the IVF poison pill...lets see if they got the balls, and prove that they are just pandering once and for all.

    excuse my french, I am ready to fight these EVIL people to the very last ounce of RED WHITE AND BLUE blood i have.

    And judging by the reactions at work, I am not alone in this feeling, even my moderate Rep friends are wondering what they have voted themselves into now. This is THE winning strategy.

    •  Absolutely (none)
      I, too, have been waiting to see this fire. I'm tired of the "we should stop being condescending, respect them more, and show them we understand values" stuff. I think your "they want to ban the Pill" idea is brilliant.

      This fight won't be won by moving to the right -- we have to draw much sharper distinctions.

      They're out on a ledge now -- we should shove them off.

    •  Over at MyDD (none)
      Awesome blog btw..

      Same thoughts here. I think Chris Bowers reached his conclusion with data, I got there with my passion....but it looks like its a consensus, attack the religious right, and keep on attacking it. smear all republicans as religious out of touch biggots who only want jesusland.

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