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  •  Um... (none)
    Either you totally missed the point or I did not understand your post at all.  The idea here is not to compromise but to give them exactly what they want, in spades!  Because they really don't want what they say they want and the choice of supporting it or fighting it is a lose/lose proposition for them.
    •  Must use wedge issues in practical way (none)
      Steve, I got your point--as well as that of everyone else here.  Yes, your idea, as is, is good fun to think about and to blow off a little steam here.  

      But I'm talking about bringing up something in real life in the Senate that will make us look moderate and them like the true radicals that they are.  We can't be the wild-eyed bomb throwers in the Senate.  Just which Democratic Senator is going to introduce a constitutional amendment to ban in-vitro fertilzation?  Never going to happen.  Let Begala take this take-no-prisoners tack in the media--and we can all follow suit as a debating tactic.

      But let's actually craft some votes in Congress to make the radicals declare and the Maine Senators take a stand.  Let's craft our own cultural wedge issues to split Ahnold and Rudy, and their followers, away from the Fundamentalist Republicans.  That's how they won the South; that's how will secure the Northeast (no more RINOs) and Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona in the West.

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