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  •  Exactly (4.00)
    We need to be Liberaltarians.

    First-drop gun control.  NOW.  All of it.  I want a 100% NRA rating from our next presidential canidate (Harry Reid is close (not that he's gonna run for president, or that he would be the right choice if he did)).

    Second, drop anti-anti-union stuff.  Regulations that exist purely to perserve union jobs (and for no other reason)-like the banning of plastic pipe in residential construction.

    Third, we need to be anti-war, but pro-defense.  We need to be more isolationalist in the world, militarily speaking.  We fuck with nobody, but if somebody fucks with us, we nuke 'em until they glow and then shoot them in the dark. (Um...not literally...)

    But we keep healthcare for all, enviromental restrictions, a good minimum wage, etc., and we don't turn into supply side tax hating crazies.

    What do you think sirs?

    •  Liberaltarians (none)
      It's the only damn thing that will win it back.

      It's based on principles, and I can win debates with it with 30% of the Bush supporters.

      And that's enough

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