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  •  Technique (none)
    Bill Clinton developed a technique of "turning attacks around," so that they hurt the people who attacked him.  He has said publicly that he welcomed attacks.  Use of his techniques discourages the use of misleading attacks.

    Something more subtle happened this year.  Church-goers voted for the candidate who doesn't.  Both candidates opposed gay marriage and favored civil union but the issue worked for Bush.

    Gay marriage was an appeal to intolerance.  Civil rights and immigration are framed the same way.  We need a set of techniques to deal with appeals to intolerance, too.  There must be a way to turn this sort of thing around and discourage its use.

    I don't have a general answer.  I do suggest using religious language, though.  The Sermon on the Mount pretty much defines liberalism.  The Good Samaritan is a parable against intolerance.  Is there a reason not to use those words?  

    I know many are offended by religious language, but it seems to me that that's intolerance too.  Good language in a good cause should be used whatever its origin.

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