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  •  They use these privatized prisons (10+ / 0-)

    to advance their evangelical Christian hypocrisy:

    The State of New Mexico contracts with the private Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) to provide prison services. CCA, the largest private provider of prison services in the country, manages the women's prison in Grants, N. M., which offers an exclusively faith-based segregation pod. Officially, the Grants program is called the "Life Principles Community/Crossings Program."


    About a year ago, CCA partnered with the Chicago-based Institute in Basic Life Principles, a fundamentalist Christian ministry run by Bill Gothard, who is controversial even within the ranks of evangelicals.


    "Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord," enjoins IBLP material. "Courting" replaces "dating." Women are instructed to obey their husbands, preserve marriage at all costs, and, as Christians, to respect, obey and submit to church and government. Church and state and their rulers exist because of God's will, the IBLP dictates.


    The corporation seeks to institute "faith-based segregation pods" in every prison that it operates, considering faith-based programs the "preferred tool to change inmate behavior."

    The Grants "God pod," in which women live apart from other inmates, includes scripture-based books and movies, and an intimate living area with more privileges. The pod is less crowded, quieter and offers better furnishings than what is available to other inmates.


    The religious program is funded by New Mexico taxpayers and appropriated by the New Mexico Corrections Department.

    The complaint notes: "Faith-based programming provided by the New Mexico Corrections Department touts the alleged importance and power of Christian faith as being necessary to lead a crime-free life." In authorizing the promotion of religious spirituality and faith, the state is violating the separation between church and state.

    The Foundation and its plaintiffs are seeking to declare the program a violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, as well as a court order enjoining the defendants from continuing to provide faith-based programming or using state funds to promote, advance or endorse the establishment of religion.


    "We consider this 'God pod' an outrageous misuse of taxpayer money to proselytize and indoctrinate the ultimate 'captive audience' of women prisoners--not just in fundamentalist Christianity, but in an antifeminist program predicated on women's subjugation," added co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor.

    The Foundation's goal is not only to stop this publicly-funded indoctrination program in New Mexico, but to keep it from spreading around the nation.

    The case, Freedom From Religion Foundation et al. v. Gov. Richardson, 05-CV-1168, was filed on November 7, 2005, in the Federal District of New Mexico.

    FFRF Challenges "Faith-based" Prison Ministry

    "The time for justice is always right now!" - Samantha Booke, Wiley College debate team, 1935

    by Edgewater on Sun Mar 29, 2009 at 06:40:37 AM PDT

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