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View Diary: In a Moment of Crisis: Canadian vs. US Healthcare (62 comments)

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  •  Tommy Douglas the father of Canadian Medicare (8+ / 0-)

    Canada up to the early 1960s was in lockstep with the USA in terms of a medical care/model.  It took this plucky Canadian of Scottish heritage to fight for a complete new medical system by the people for the people.

    Google "Tommy Douglas" as you will find his story and courage enough to bring many to tears.  A man who was never going to try and whistle past the graveyard on this issue.

    If ya want real talking points about socialized medicine educate yourself on the struggle Tommy Douglas fought and eventually won.  The fight was epic.

    You can't fix the system ya got.  You have to build a new one.  You have the benefit of the Canadian and European model.  Jaysus, even Mexico has socialized medicine and it's a considered a third world country.

    For every three dollars you spend for medical care we pay one dollar for exactly the same care.  How is this possible?  It's simple - your model has one dollar going for the care - one dollar going to the insurance company - one dollar going to the legal community.  We cut out two of the three middlemen.

    Putting lip stick on a pig doesn't change the fact it's a pig and no one but a pig is going to ask it to dance.


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