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  •  a Bee table-setter (3+ / 0-)
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    gchaucer2, Diogenes2008, Andhakari

    They've upped the ante on Could You Put It In A Sentence? sentences:

    Fedelini ("Pasta smaller than vermicelli"). Sentence: "David didn't expect much in relationships, only that fedelini be spooned into his mouth and he be fanned with a palm frond."

    Sheol ("A subterranean world of darkness"). Sentence: "Aaron awoke from a dream thinking he was in sheol, but realized it was still seventh-period biology."

    Skeuomorph (Some sort of ornamental object): Sentence: "In honor of her 20 years at Taco Bell, Rosalind was presented with a skeuomorph."

    Kichel (A Jewish dessert). Sentence: "The thought of someone kvetching about her kichel gave Meryl the spilkes."

    Noisette (Some sort of meat). Sentence: "Gail couldn't keep her eyes off the piece of noisette in her date's teeth."

    •  I'm assuming the challenge (4+ / 0-)
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      Adam B, mmacdDE, oscarsmom, Andhakari

      does not require any order or penalty for run-on sentence.

      Um, huh, well you can go to sheol because I spent hours making this fedelini with roasted tomato sauce with a side of noisette, served in our wedding skeuomorph, and you fucking complain about the kichel?

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