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  •  Lies, damn lies, and Terry McAuliffe (3+ / 0-)
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    It is something that Terry McAuliffe often says on the campaign trail: "I will not say a negative word about a fellow Democrat."

    Another lie from TMac. I'm getting so used to them.
    Just like the oft-repeated canard that any suggestion that Terry McAuliffe is not the greatest thing since sliced cheese must be coming from Brian Moran's corps of supporters.

    I think I put the lie to that.

    The constant whining from the McAuliffe campaign about all the constant stream of attacks on their candidate a) seems to ignore the fact that there's no shortage of stuff to attack TMac ON and b) has a tone ant tenor reminiscent of a recent complaint about attacks on a certain pop star.

    Decision Virginia:

    A new mail piece sent to potential Democratic voters has made the candidate's critics wonder if he has broken that pledge.
    The mail piece shows four columns with facts about the candidates for governor and then a scratch-off box at the bottom that reveals which candidate is connected to which claims. Among other things, the piece accuses Creigh Deeds of voting to "legitimize pay-day lending" and accepting gifts from lobbyists."

    The Deeds campaign responds:

    Deeds spokesperson, Brooke Borkenhagen, said that the mail piece is evidence that "Terry is running scared. That's why Terry is trying to hustle Virginia voters with this deceptive mail piece." Borkenhagen also reminded me that while McAuliffe did not take money from Dominion's PAC specifically, he has taken more than $12,000 from former Dominion executives.

    As does Moran's:

    Meanwhile, Brian Moran's campaign manager, Andrew Roos, called the mail piece a "false, negative attack." He also said "Brian Moran will take no lectures on ethics from the booking agent of the Lincoln bedroom and the architect of the Business Leadership Forum. The last place we would go for a public service lesson is a Wall Street insider."

    More to come.

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