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View Diary: How a Kos diarist helped spark McCain-Palin infighting (200 comments)

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    I'm saying that's what the Republicans would say about McCain if he were a Democrat.  Pretend what happened to John McCain happened to John Kerry instead.  Now read what I wrote (which is absolutely disrespectful and cruel) and ask yourself whether it's not exactly what the GOP "Swift Boat" gang would have said about John Kerry.

    It is true that McCain gave in to his VC torturers and, under duress, spoke out against the United States.  Other American POWs - many of whom experienced worse torture as they were not the son of an admiral - did not cave in and refused to speak out against America per the VC's commands.  They took the torture and remained quiet, refusing to help the enemy in even the smallest way so as to get the torture to stop.  American soldiers were trained to withstand torture.

    And yes, I'd cave in under torture myself and say whatever they want me to say, no question about it.  However, to be fair, I'm not a soldier and I have not received any training vis a vis how to withstand torture.

    I don't think this should be held against McCain at all, but the Republicans most certainly would - if McCain were a Democrat.

    But see... even the thought of saying something "over the line" and "asinine" and "unintelligent" about the Republican enemy is offensive to you, who I assume are a liberal Democrat.  When it comes to political fighting, we should play on the same level as the Republicans do.  We should let them them set the bar as low as they want, but we should match it.  There is no "high ground" in political battles.  Everyone is faking the high ground talking about the children, protecting the homeland, our brave soldiers, liberty and freedom, blah blah blah vomit.... both sides, even when they are being as low and petty as imaginable.

    No Republican would say a comment about Barack Obama is "way over the line, very asinine, and unintelligent."  McCain got a ton of shit from his own party for merely saying Obama was not a Muslim in response to a nutjob at a McCain rally (the little lady who said "I think Obama is a Muslim and I don't trust him.").

    If the democrats keep trying to take the high ground, they will lose power the second another Islamic terrorist attack against America takes place (which the Republicans are praying for and doing everything possible to expedite).

    We need to accept the fact that we need to say over the line, asinine things about the Sarah Palins of the world.  Call her a traitor, say she should be tried and executed for treason, say she had 5 abortions during high school and college, say her housekeeper is an illegal immigrant who she pays under the table, say she is a tax cheat, say Todd Palin started to cheat on Sarah after she gave him herpes.

    These are the things Republicans say.  We need to play the game just as horribly as they do.

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