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  •  I am flabbergasted about the reason (10+ / 0-)

    behind why we can't have single payer - we have a legacy system which can't be totally done away with . But shouldn't that be the case with the auto manufacturing industry?Now,  are those workers' jobs sacred? No. Those are so unholy that they can be out-sourced abroad even after those companies  receive welfare from our money. None of our jobs in other sectors are secure for that matter, nor our pensions, retirement savings etc. So why should for-profit insurance industry jobs be sacred & untouchable? especially those of the fat cats at the top and the 400,000 people claim-deniers who work in the industry?  Don't get me wrong - I don't want people to lose their jobs.But what should be preserved are the "real jobs" , not phony jobs like the F22 jobs ,the medical industrial or Wall street industrial complex jobs. And if my memory is right, Conyers plan has details about how to transition most of the existing insurance jobs into the single payer system.

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