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  •  What are citizens to do? (4+ / 0-)
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    The only major party that even pretends to give a shit about its constituents can't fund $100B/yr for health care, but it will fund trillions in war, bailouts to the wealthiest institutions in the world for poorly thought through speculation, and attempts to solve a major economic crisis by printing money.

    But we can't afford 1/20th of the budget for the 1/6th of the nation that has no health insurance.


    Citizens have no access while wealth non-citizen institutions have disproportionate access. Hell, they fucking write the laws congress passes. This can not continue. They are eating the nation and its economy alive. They seek to kill the goose and roast it tonight, for otherwise they might have to share its golden eggs.

    This nation has devolved into a corporate/government tyranny.

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