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  •  The House Should Start Counting The Votes (1+ / 0-)
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    JC from IA

    Majority leader Pelosi should have Rep Clyburn whip the votes.  If they need a certain amount of the blue dogs to come on board they could start on the more moderate of the blue dogs, and go to them and put the pressure on them or could offer them more money out of the DCCC pot.  There are blue dogs who are more like elephants that will never vote for this bill and will side with the repugs.  Pelosi has to know who these reps are.  It is useless to deal with them.  Some blue dogs are honest and want to do the right thing for their constituency, but doing the right thing would be voting for health care reoform.  Theses blue dogs need a nudge on realizing that.  It amazes me that we have democrats who have be nudged to do the right thing.  I know one thing, we democrats will be watching closely on who votes yes and who votes no.  There will be consequences.

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