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  •  you misunderstand (0+ / 0-)

    several things

    Uncollectable as in no way to enforce payment
    because my disability is not garnishable and I have no proprty to seize/put leins on

    I didnt start payment on that particular bill

    •  Did you start payment on any bill? (1+ / 0-)
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      Then you ratified the contract(s).

      I understood uncollectable, no means to pay.

      The other thing is that you got bills from many vendors, and contracted with the one (the hospital). I've always questioned how these forms of contract are enforceable.

      Because you and I cannot enter into contract which is not discussed between principals, not agreed, and no discussion of price, terms & conditions.

      That would be a clear definition of "no meeting of the minds" and hence not a contract. If the doctor went ahead without those items, then again, it looks like a gift.

      An interesting defense would be a demand: "both show me the contract, and prove it's a valid contract".

      •  See the thing is (0+ / 0-)

        one contract with the hospital
        and not with all the individual contractors
        ie ER docs
        nursing staff
        etc etc
        I provided proof of medicare part A to the hospital
        it paid part of the billing
        the remaining unpaid billing got seperated and the billing started
        I have been recieving bills left and right with no documentation many times double and tripled billed
        I paid off 1 bill of 300ish and was halfway thru 1 bill of 900ish
        it took a viewing of my credit report to find that I owe close to 8000 with many of the bills being reported twice and the doubles bill being reported at a small varience
        No way can I afford that with all my other debts/responsibilities

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