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    Didn't speak, but took notes (my message on my sign-in form urged her to stand firm with the CPC to insist upon the strongest possible public health insurance option).

    Of the 29 people who spoke, I'd put 13 or 14 on our side, a maximum of 9 on the wingers', and the other six in the "other" category, meaning either with primarily nonpartisan concerns, or not-well-articulated ones, or just kind of crazy ones.

    On their side, the most odious talking-point regurgitator made reference to a previous town hall in Lake Mills, and so helpfully identified himself as a probable stalker.  That "independent" was a 24-year-old Libertarian from Fitchburg who had Young White Male Answer Syndrome and did not know when to fucking stop talking.  The true "Constitutional rights" comedy came from an immigrant from Poland, who gave as his examples of encroaching dictatorship...three interactions with state government.

    Probably of most interest to readers here would be the question from the young woman who wanted to know if Tammy would support final health reform legislation if it didn't contain a public option.  Tammy answered that she wasn't nearly so pessimistic about the fate of the PO as the questioner seemed to be, and noted that the Cantwell amendment, weak tea as it is, is an awesome portent nonetheless in that it moves the Senate's conference position that much further over to the good side.  Tammy vowed to "fight tooth and nail" for the public option, and while she didn't expect to be confronted with a final bill that didn't have it, asserted that her colleagues knew that the public option was "a bright line and a bottom line" for her.

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