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  •  I disagree with your analysis (0+ / 0-)

    There are several points on which I disagree with White House policy, notably prosecution of war crimes. However, on health care, I have been surprised at how well the White House has done, given how far behind the populace Congress is, and necessarily is.

    I have been diarying fairly regularly on Health Care, and I would be interested to know what you think of my analyses.

    As a former Senator, Barack Obama is painfully aware of its problems, including the filibuster and cloture rules, the Blue Dogs, and the Old Boys Clubbiness. Congress rewards seniority, which is achieved by running in safe districts and raising lots of money, particularly from corporations. Therefore we get old, rich, highly partisan White guys beholden to corporations in most districts, guys that are almost completely out of touch with young voters and modern technology. Like McCain R-AZ and Byrd D-WV--a militarist  who thinks the US could have won in Vietnam, and a former but since repentant Klansman.

    I take a longer than usual view of these matters. For example, there has been a generational shift in the South for more than 50 years, which is still going on. It currently has a measured impact on voting patterns of about 1.9% annually, significantly faster than in the early days of desegregation. This measurement lets us estimate when any given state will tip on major social issues. This is largely independent of the details of electoral politics.

    This is not Bill Clinton's Health Care plan, but the Republicans are following the same playbook from Bill Kristol, only more so. At the same time, the Republican party is imploding, whereas last time Gingrich was taking over. Their greatest fear is that we will get Health Care, and the public will keep voting for Democrats for decades. Their greatest hope is that they can kill Health Care, and take over Congress as they did during 1994-2006. They are dreaming. The Teabagger wing of the party is taking it over, and is in complete denial of electoral reality.

    You may have notice the rage against President Obama and any Progressive take on any issue, whether Health Care, financial reregulation, Global Warming, or Afghanistan. If he were to behave like FDR, there is every reason to think that some on the Right would start shooting. The Secret Service is reportedly dealing with four times as many death threats against Obama as against Bush.

    There is more, but this will do for the moment.

    [Health Care is] a serious political threat to the Republican Party.
    Bill Kristol
    License: Creative Commons-Attribution-ShareAlike

    by Mokurai on Wed Nov 04, 2009 at 03:12:32 AM PST

    •  I probably stated this more overtly, but (0+ / 0-)

      basicaly Obama came into office with a very big stick - a movement of people across this country who wanted change.  He should have used that leverage early and often, but instead he decided to pretend like he was still a member of the Senate club.  I am not even talking extreme LBJ here either - there is a middle ground between being a total hardass and being a member of the club - which I do not think he took.  And I am not easily offended, but I do take offense to the idea that if Obama tried to push harder he'd be risking his life.  I think that is a bullshit excuse for political inaction.  Seriously.  That's a guilt trip that won't work on me.

      In any case, this diary wasn't really about Obama.  It was about how the current crop of Democrats seem to ignore their base even when an overwhelming majority support the base positions.  That's what the diary was really about.  You're head is stuck in the village.  I'm thinking about the people across the spectrum that I know who are dissatisfied with the goings on so far from both the Congress and the White House.  I don't know anyone outside of some promoters here on this blog who are really satisfied with the bank bailout.  I don't know anyone who is even mildly excited about the healthcare bill.  It is like the Democrats are thinking that they can't satisfy everyone so they decide to satisfy no one - again - there is yet another middle ground there where they could make at least a few people really happy to offset those who won't be.  There are some big mistakes being made right now.  

      I know it isn't PC around here to say anything about yesterday's elections being a reflection of the mood with respect to Obama and the Democratic Party - but I think that they are a reflection and 2010 is going to be a blood bath if the Democrats don't start delivering some things that actually satisfy - rather than run around telling everyone that what they are doing sucks but they can't help it - and then insulting everyone's intelligence by claiming that they will "fix it" down the road.  That's no way to maintain political relevance.  

      •  People who elected Obama wanted something other (0+ / 0-)

        than what Obama wanted. Obama was half black and his different appearance (and the fact that he's handsome and personable) seems to have distracted millions of Americans from the important fact that he really didn't at all represent their values or goals so much as those of the multinational corporations that own the world.

        That is why they (the corporations) backed him. His main allegiances are to them, NOT the people.

        There are a huge number of paid bloggers trying to spin everything Obama does into something positive but it behooves us to completely ignore them because money can buy anything, especially BS. and lots of money can buy even more of **it.

        Its PR.

        Instead LOOK AT WHAT HE DOES.

        Illness is Health! Negligence is Care! Fraud is Accuracy! Affordable Healthcare or Bush by 2084: A Progressive WH by 2016!

        by Andiamo on Wed Nov 04, 2009 at 11:20:36 AM PST

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