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View Diary: UPD2: We don't get health care--but rich get Bush estate tax cuts forever (61 comments)

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  •  The Point Is To Create a Permanent Aristocracy (3+ / 0-)
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    --Along with the Reaganistic repeal of meaningfully progressive income taxation.

    The loss of tax revenue is negligible compared to the harm this does to the people.

    This is your America under the "good" Clinton economy:
    Image Hosted by

    The trend from there onward will be nowhere near as mild.

    From the America of the framers, that is change you BETTER believe in.

    We are called to speak for the weak, for the voiceless, for victims of our nation and for those it calls enemy.... --ML King "Beyond Vietnam"

    by Gooserock on Thu Dec 17, 2009 at 04:58:59 PM PST

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