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    Which is the final section of my 6000 word ongoing essay giving the reasons why I oppose the current HCR bills that are now pending conference committee.

    If someone wants to read the whole thing, it's here, Healthcare beyond partisanship

    With this as an alternate:
    There is a better approach to universal health care

    The argument that seems most compelling for passing this HCR law is, "We can't go on like this, and this bill  is a first step that must be taken." I disagree, as does Howard Dean, someone who is just removed enough from politics to view choices objectively.   There are different approaches, that do not build on the current distorted profit based political model. There could be a parallel system of single payer, that would transform a part of every emergency ward into a federal system for providing basic health care.

    Just as the VA preempts state licensing law for it's professional staff, such a national system could also do so. Rather than malpractice prevention being in the judiciary, with it's acknowledged excesses, there could be a better system, where those who report malfeasance would not fear their own legal liability. It would be a blow to plaintiff lawyers, who would be replaced by a system of experts, who in the process of reducing poor medical practice could also foster rational procedures.

    This provision would hurt a major Democratic constituency, but there would be other aspects of this program that would sacrifice the interest of traditional republican supporters. This is what bipartisanship really means, sacrificing party interest for the sake of the country.

    This parallel universal system could work incrementally, growing with the increase in providers, eventually incorporating existing successful non-profits such as Kaiser Perminante into this network. It would actually realize the ideals of this current bill, cutting waste, promoting evidence based medicine and expanding coverage-- without trying to do the impossible, which is to pander to the existing powerful interests that are perpetuating our current health care defects.

    This would be transformative and actually politically possible. Professionals in this system would be chosen by aptitude, responsive to demand for specialized training. As an example, free medical education would be available to those willing to dedicate their career to this system. Unwarranted escalation of professional educational requirements, something that creates artificial shortages, would be tackled frontally, to the benefit of consumers.

    It would be a parallel and effective means of providing health care to all
    Actually as this evolved it would go beyond single payer, to actual british style socialized medicine.  The savings from billing, coding, negotiations with payers would be dramatic.  

    It would not be perfect, but it would provide medical care, and perhaps the illusion that more such care is better could be dispells.

    And it would provide the laboratory for all of the innovative types of practices that are only a dream in the current proposals.

    •  Have you see the web site? (0+ / 0-)

      People who hold up Kaiser as a model rarely have.

      They have so many political connections, though.

      Henry Kaiser was friends with Richard Nixon.

      Everybody is automatically enrolled in Canada's health plan. You don't "miss a payment" because THERE ARE NO BILLS.

      by Andiamo on Sun Jan 03, 2010 at 06:13:49 AM PST

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