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  •  Even if it weren't a whole lot (7+ / 0-)

    safer to use our own military (security is what Marines are trained for, dammit) for security issues, it's a whole lot cheaper to use our own military.  Mercenaries get anywhere from 10 to 100 times what our soldiers do.  If you want to decrease the deficit, stop the wars - but if for some reason you can't or won't stop the wars, at least stop privatizing our military & security stuff.

    •  That's not entirely true... (0+ / 0-)

      It costs A LOT of money to outfit, house, train, feed, transport, supply, and provide health care for our military. Those costs aren't borne out in their salaries, but the cost to the taxpayer is much higher.

      Further, Marines don't grow on trees. I'm not sure using these folks who are trained to fight wars as sentries is a good use of their skills. Its not like they're sitting around twiddling their thumbs right now...

      •  Operators earn $815 a day (0+ / 0-)

        A single manager fee is more than twice General Patraeus' pay for the year.

        •  Absolutely - and many of the (3+ / 0-)
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          Calamity Jean, dmw97, Catskill Julie

          mercenaries are ex-US military - they got their very expensive training on the public's dime, then hired out to a mercenary group so they could get 10 or more times the salary - also on the public's dime.  They just don't have any of the accountability that goes with being a "guy with the flag patch" as Kos refers to them (having been one himself, he thinks highly of our military - of the mercenaries, not so much) so they not only get megabucks compared to the regular soldier, they also get away with doing stuff that gets the locals blowing up the regular soldiers.  I don't have enough fingers to count the ways we'd be better off de-privatizing our military.

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