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View Diary: CNN Joins The Washington Post In Legitimizing Extremism (326 comments)

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    and this just proves it. I work at a computer training center where I have a television on all day for my clients in the lobby, for when they need to take a break from class or get a bit of news fix. I used to run CNN all day, because some folks wanted Faux and some folks wanted MSNBC so I figured CNN was a somewhat fairly mildly MAYBE neutral alternative I could stomach (my desk is in the lobby area and I have to listen to this crap all day).

    Over the past few years, CNN has become steadily worse and more biased and just full of crap. Rick Sanchez is the best thing CNN has going for them, and he's an arrogant ass who nonetheless is probably the most progressive thing on there. Back when the killer whale, Tillikum, killed a trainer at Sea World, I finally had enough of CNN because Ali Velshi was going on about the damn whale as if Tillikum needed to be put on trial or something. He went on for DAYS about Tillikum, Sea World, etc etc. I don't really have an opinion on Sea World and the whale, I think it's sad the trainer was killed. But I couldn't stomach Ali's going on for days about the whale. He made it some sort of personal campaign.

    It was obnoxious.

    Tony Harris is a pretty annoying anchor too, although he is sometimes funny in how emotional he gets. But I prefer to watch Jon Stewart skewer Tony for his on-air antics, then watch Harris directly.

    Sometimes at 3pm I'll tune into Rick Sanchez, but I subtly put on MSNBC most of the day otherwise (accept in the morning when Morning Joke is on). If one of my clients asks for Faux News, like during the lunch hour, I'll put that on and go make myself busy elsewhere in the facility until they go back to class. So far, no one has complained too much about MSNBC being on. Sometimes my coworker will put on the Golf Channel or ESPN but I can only stomach that for a little while. Too much Tiger Woods crap.

    A few years ago, CNN used to do a half-hour show out of London with British anchors, and it was like the best news ever, because you would actually get world news during that half hour. But they canceled that years ago, unfortunately.

    Anyway, bottom line is, CNN is about as fail as Faux News these days.

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