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View Diary: CNN Joins The Washington Post In Legitimizing Extremism (326 comments)

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  •  It is going to get worse before (1+ / 0-)
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    it gets better.

    Democrats are in power and an African American is President.

    After 30 years of the left being demonized, and centuries of racist hatred the white militias see the country "being taken over".

    Sprinkle in the daily doses of Beck and Limbaugh's hatred and they are about ready to "die for their country".

    All we can do is move one foot in front of the other, tell the truth and prepare for the skirmish.

    Sometime, somewhere and probably in the south, there will be a group that goes beserk.

    There is parallel to the lead up to the Civil War and we will be caught off guard, but we will squash them again as we did in the past. Alas, tragedy will happen to innocent people.

    Once whatever level of violence is over, we still will have the problem of the "profit motive is best" mindset that has permeated our culture.

    That is a big problem. I watch as my company destroys itself. I watch as my country destroys itself.

    We keep talking about the profit motive, and free enterprise and since we have moved in that direction, we went broke and are dumbing down.
    Especially the media. They are destroying themselves for short-term gain and don't see it.

    I cannot believe what I see and the militias don't understand that what they defend is what causes their problems.

    The capitilistic model does not work without oversight and some are so vested in it, they cannot change. It is a religion to them.

    It is amazing.

    It is our money they want, so let's not give it to them. - Mean Mr. Mustard

    by Mean Mr Mustard on Thu Mar 18, 2010 at 07:15:15 AM PDT

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