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View Diary: Texas State Board of Education: 2010 or 1950? (212 comments)

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  •  I was editing, and lost my diary (6+ / 0-)

    Here is what I want to say:  This is for Texans to solve.  It really matters.  And I am pleased that you are trying to step forward into this climate.

    I think that Texas children deserve a chance to compete in this world.  They deserve a chance to learn about biology.  They deserve to learn about the Federalist Papers and how hard Madison and Hamilton and Jefferson struggled to figure out how to construct a republic that was larger than any that had been tried.  It was extremely difficult, and to downplay the people who did the work, the hard cerebrating, feels wrong.

    Also you should care about your children's knowledge of biology.  It is like a building block of science.  Science is a building block for major professions.

    Religious faith is religious faith because it relies on faith.  It is not something that can be proven.  Let people rely on faith without proof if they must.  But do not deny the children of a huge state to become ignorant of the basic building blocks of science and history.

    Texas deserves better.  But I'll believe it more strongly when it proves it wants better, that it wants to be part of the 21st century.

    We can't go backward to the 50's anymore than we can go to the horse and buggy days.  Technology will sweep us onward.  Are you Texans strong enough and wise enough to face the future by facing truthfully our country's past?

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