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  •  you had me in everything up to dismissal of phoni (3+ / 0-)
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    elfling, RebeccaBellMetereau, sow hat

    phonics.  Phonics is an essential tool for decoding the written word for those of us with LDs like dyslexia (which I have).  Phonics should not be the ONLY tool in an educators tool box, but it should not be dismissed either in favor of a total and complete whole language approach where phonics fears to tread.

    I am an educator and an education advocate.  An educators tool box should include all approaches since every child learns differently and that difference can change from subject to subject.

    Plus if you modify your position a bit where Phonics is concerned you will garner more support from those who believe phonics to be the only way to teach reading.

    My senator, Scott Brown, is running against non-candidate Rachel Maddow, because his best friend, Harvey, told him to.

    by Clytemnestra on Sun Apr 04, 2010 at 07:49:36 PM PDT

    •  phonics (2+ / 0-)
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      lirtydies, Al Stanley

      I never intended to reject totally the use of phonics.  Rather, I wanted to point out that Mercer rejected "whole language" as one of his key accomplishments, bragging that the board gave the teachers a "well deserved spanking."  See my other post on phonics, where I maintain that a good teacher uses every possible tool.  

      We had two daughters, and one seemed to be able to use phonics, while the other was definitely a "whole language" kind of learner. From our limited experience with our two daughters, it seemed to have something to do with a learner's propensity for taking risks or learning something gradually, step-by-step, versus the kind of learner who wants the certainty of simply recognizing or memorizing a whole word. Both girls ended up being voracious readers.

      I'm not a reading specialist, and I would certainly listen to a wide variety of specialists in the field before I made any decisions about curriculum.  I just don't believe it has to be either-or in this particular arena.

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