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  •  Sweet list (21+ / 0-)

    A list more complete than the one I was preparing :-)

    Several years ago (it would have been late 2003 or in 2004), I went to a meeting of the Libertarian party in Guntersville Alabama, thinking that I might get involved in helping the Libertarian Party elect local candidates to office.

    It didn't take long for me to understand that they were trying to achieve a totally unrealistic goal ... almost no government. In our modern world, that would be essentially chaotic and unworkable.

    For instance, they could never explain adequately who was gonna pave my street or collect garbage in Grassy, Alabama (Zip 35016) ... "you and your neighbors will do it yourselves.  Or you'll pool your resources and pay for it."  Huh?  Quite obviously, they didn't know my neighbors.  That was not going to happen.  And if city contractors, paid for partly with public tax revenue, didn't pick up trash in Grassy Alabama, it would be dumped off the side of the mountain on Thompson Falls road ... I saw the evidence left behind by those who refused to pay a nominal fee for garbage pickup.  That's what would happen if we just rely on the social conscience and the sense of personal responsibility that all of us feel.  And that would be a huge mistake.

    Oh, I see what the plan is ... the plan is to force compliance with social norms and to force individual responsibility.  That would become the government's primary role if the Libertarians have their way. Can you think of another country or society where government doesn't assume responsibility for such things as public health and social welfare, or infrastructure maintenance, but devoted itself to making sure that people abide by all social and moral strictures?  A society where the government forced people to "do the right thing"?  What country came to your mind?  Honestly, as much as some of us might like to see men publicly humiliated or beaten in the streets for wearing white athletic socks with sandals, that's not a feasible way to run a modern society.

    The Libertarian Party in Alabama wanted to do away will all government, but didn't seem to have figured out how we'd educate our kids, assure clean water to our homes, provide public health services, ensure the safety of our food supply, that sort of thing ... things that, all-in-all, governments do pretty well for most of us.  No, they do it damned well.

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