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View Diary: Baker Schools Huckabee on Israeli Settlements (290 comments)

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  •  Thanks for the map (2+ / 0-)
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    zannie, Lefty Coaster

    but where does it say 'neighborhoods'?  The seems to call settlements beyond the green line 'settlements'.

    •  Israel launched a publicity campaign in several.. (5+ / 0-)

      countries about 10 years ago. Apparently, "Settlements" doesn't poll well to the rest of the planet. The Foreign Ministry decided to call them "Neighborhoods" instead.

    •  here (2+ / 0-)
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      capelza, Uberbah

      is the nyt article that accompanies the map. go look at that nyt map in the parent and locate ramat shlomo. now check out the color code chart on the right of the map. notice how the dark color is described as "Israeli Settlement beyond the Green Line"? but the article says:

      Mr. Netanyahu’s government provoked the controversy two weeks ago when it disclosed plans for 1,600 new housing units in an ultra-orthodox neighborhood in East Jerusalem just as Vice President Joseph Biden Jr. was on a fence-mending visit and Israeli-Palestinian "proximity talks" were to begin. article that accompanies

      another (haaretz)example.
      This was nothing more than palestinian land on the west bank prior to israel placing a settlement there. ok, read the framing in this haaretz link above.

      Some 50,000 new housing units in Jerusalem neighborhoods beyond the Green Line are in various stages of planning and approval, planning officials told Haaretz. They said Jerusalem's construction plans for the next few years, even decades, are expected to focus on East Jerusalem.

      Most of the housing units will be built in predominantly Jewish neighborhoods beyond the Green Line, while a smaller number of them will be built in Arab neighborhoods. The plans for some 20,000 of the apartments are already in advanced stages of approval and implementation, while plans for the remainder have yet to be submitted to the planning committees.

      The planned construction includes the 1,600 homes in the ultra-Orthodox East Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo that were approved Tuesday. Saying the decision undermines peace talks, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has publicly condemned the move, which the Interior Ministry announced during his visit to Israel.

      reality (and volley linked to this article in frydaza open thread, it made the internet rounds last week after bibi's 'everybody knows' blunder.

      In 1993, when the peace process was taking off, the settlement of Ramat Shlomo -- which recently caused such a headache for Vice President Biden -- didn't exist. If in 1993 you had asked what areas "everybody knows" would stay part of Israel under any future agreement, the area that is today Ramat Shlomo -- territorially distinct from any other settlement and contiguous with the Palestinian neighborhood of Shuafat -- would not have been mentioned.  

      Ramat Shlomo is a settlement israel and the press keeps calling a neighborhood. they are building new settlements in the west bank and framing them as 'building in jerusalem'. land theft framed as urban sprawl, or something. and who can forget bib's statement 'jerusalem is not a settlement'? this is framing (hasbara) d'jour.

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