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  •  How does one even start to deconstruct (8+ / 0-)

    a comment this densely packed with falsehoods?

    I should also add that Israel is one of the few victors in war in all of history who has voluntarily returned land to vanquished foes

    I strongly suggest you take a high school level world history course.

    It's quite routine for victors to return land in order to secure peace treaties.  

    My first choice is a strong consumer agency My second choice is no agency at all and plenty of blood and teeth left on the floor.~E. Warren

    by JesseCW on Sun Mar 28, 2010 at 06:14:47 AM PDT

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    •  exactly! (3+ / 0-)
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      capelza, Uberbah, LeftyAce

      History is full of negotiated land settlements after war.  If this wasn't the case - wouldn't Japan be part of the United States?

    •  I said FEW (0+ / 0-)

      And that's correct.
      The two World Wars are among the exceptions, and even in those cases the map changed dramatically and permanently. The U.S. stole Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California and part of Colorado from Mexico and then decided to pay them a pittance for the land to placate war critics back home.  I suppose some could stifle a laugh and call treaty making. I'd call it permanent theft. Of course, the rest of the United States was presented to us from God as punishment to Native Americans for their belief in multi-deism.. right?

      With the exception of the Golan DMZ strip to the North and the city of Jerusalem the Israelis gave back all of the land (many times larger than Israel) and returned it with no peace treaty in hand. They could have rolled right over Cairo but stopped short since their goal was to vanquish the invading Arab armies and go home. Of course, at the time, the little country of just 2 million (threatened by over 100 million immediate neighbors) was the darling of the World, They were the long shot underdog facing an multiple invaders each with an army many times the size of Israel's meager corps.

      Israel, on the other hand, reduced its demands to Jerusalem - a city that contains Judaism's most sacred shrines - and a city that was originally stolen from the Jews. The most recent among the scores of Jerusalem's revolving door conquerors (Jordan) denied Jews their legal right of access as legally agreed to in the Armistice of 1949. Despite all of its owners, the West only cared who controlled Jerusalem on two occasions.  The first time was during the crusades when Europeans slaughtered Arabs and Jews with equal relish in the name of the Popes who sent them on their deeds. The second time is now, when Arabs own the oil and Jews are once again expendable (as brooklynbadboy is more than happy to point out in his response to my previous remarks).

      Palestinians have been living in Arab countries for centuries and many of those countries treat them like shit and often keep them rounded up in "refugee" camps - refugees in their own country.  The Arab countries would like nothing better then to wash their hands (once again) of their own Palestinian problem - and if they can put the humanitarian onus totally on Israel in the World Media, well then it's a win-win, isn't it? Much of Europe has alway been anti-Semitic, but add to that fact a rapidly expanding European Arab population that is also growing more radical (and feared by politicians), a financial depression (which grows more mindless hatred) and depleted oil reserves with rising prices and you have a perfect breeding ground  for Universal Jew-hating, just like the good old days.

      The Left of the 1960s loved Israel, but the Left always roots for the little guy - and back then, Israel was David surrounded by Goliaths. Once Israel miraculously survived the '67 and '73 wars, it appeared a force in which to be reckoned. The World started to take them seriously., and in the machinations of many, David had become Goliath. The Left had ceased to view Israel as a cause pitié. Post Reagan, the Left began to stick its collective head up Palestinians asses instead, for they have become their newest pet cause. IMO, Progressives (the uninspired and unworthy left-overs of the depleted American Left) should spend their days collecting petitions demanding clean air or adopting  rescue animals - or tossing  harpoons back at a Japanese Whalers. Now those are causes I could get behind in a heartbeat. You see, I'm afraid Jew-hating just isn't my cup of tea.

      As for your comment about me needing a basic high school World History course, I'll consider it.  Maybe it will make me an even better instructor to my graduate Middle Eastern Studies class.

      •  TL:DR (1+ / 0-)
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        Your efforts to spread this noxious and intentionally false version of "history" would be more succesfull if you didn't try to retell every one of those lies in each comment.

        My first choice is a strong consumer agency My second choice is no agency at all and plenty of blood and teeth left on the floor.~E. Warren

        by JesseCW on Sun Mar 28, 2010 at 05:31:40 PM PDT

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