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View Diary: Baker Schools Huckabee on Israeli Settlements (290 comments)

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  •  immense, bald faced lying (0+ / 0-)

    Building some apartments in Jerusalem neighborhoods where Jews already live is not making a peace settlement more difficult.

    Know who else lives there?  Palestinians.  Guess who are forced to leave?  Palestinians.  Guess who is forced to leave when Israel declares an area to be a park?

    Israel withdrew its Gaza settlements in a huge step forward for peace

    ...while still maintaining complete military control over the area, and maintaining a blockade of the populace.  Remember what was Israel's justification for starting the 1967 war?  You got it, blockades.

    And the entire reason for the withdrawal: gerrymandering.  Land wasn't "returned" for peace, it was "returned" to prevent the Palestinians in Gaza from ever voting in Israeli elections.

    the Palestinians have refused to even sit at the negotiating table ever since Obama took office. long as Israel continues it's settlements land theft.

    one of those governments is committed by charter to the destruction of Israel

    Step 1: Steal land from other people.
    Step 2. Whine when they want it back.

    I'm a part of the reality-based community, not the personality-based community.

    by Uberbah on Sun Mar 28, 2010 at 01:59:59 PM PDT

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