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View Diary: Alan Grayson Rips the 'Liar' Alan Greenspan a New One (233 comments)

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  •  that is true...they are all complicit...but that (5+ / 0-)

    does not give credence to where we are today and what we must do about it.

    Just because 'all the other kids did it' does not mean driving the car off the cliff, should not be addressed with strong push back.

    I have often said, that our two party is really a one party system....that President Obama, as Candidate Obama are two entirely different people, and I believe that is what most Democrats are so deeply cynical about now.

    Regardless.....we must not allow ourselves to play into the new 'Blue Dog' give America away to the Corporations, and Wall Street, that in the end, will leave us in the 'dust' in tent cities........because we gave up and refused to fight.

    Remember this: our grandparents and parents, never gave up.  Many of them, including my grandfather lost his life as an Irishman in a police riot, for a fare wage and a right to the American dream.

    We have passed a few generations now, that have forgotten how we managed to sacrifice our lives, and ancestors for the right to dignity, and guess what?

    They are taking that away again, and pretending to be Democrats, the party of the 'working class'...nothing could be further from the truth.

    ...oh, not to worry, I'm wearing a Flame Retardant Valentino Orange Moo Moo whenever I visit DailyKos.

    by Badabing on Thu Apr 08, 2010 at 05:59:41 PM PDT

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