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  •  "Heathers" (12+ / 0-)

    "I love my dead, gay son".

    I was about 15 when that movie was released. That line went right over my head for years.

    "Yeah, but this is Ohio. If you don't have a brewski in your hand and watching a football game, you may as well be wearing a dress..." -Christian Slater, 1988

    This is the environment that produced a father who found out about his son's alleged homosexuality after his death and loved him...only because he was dead and dad didn't have to deal with having a gay son in suburban Ohio. This was the most loaded line in the movie and a foreshadowing of the conflicts ahead. The disturbing part for me was how it went over MY head so easily.

    You're right. I never heard of these Phelps people before they started messing with dead soldiers. "If it bleeds, it leads.." This is true only when people care about who's bleeding.

    "Either they don't know, don't show, or don't care about what's going on in the hood..." -Ice Cube from Boyz in the Hood, 1991.

    So many of my peers and contemporaries from the 90s are dead. America may have forgotten about them and neglected to show their deaths from the conditions in the 'hood, but I haven't. I know what killed them all. At one time, hundreds of young blacks (mostly male) per day were dying violent deaths in L.A. alone. I didn't get these statistics from the news. I heard all this through the new grapevine--gangsta rap.

    What do we get for making songs like "Fuck the Police"? We get dragged before Congress, investigated by the F.B.I. and admonished for advocating violence against the state. Meanwhile, loonies who have no reason to be outraged except for their own ridiculous fantasies of Jesus returning, are left alone to gather grenade launchers, stockpile weapons and nearly rise up against the United States which is something young black rappers never advocated for and most glaringly, never even made a move in that direction. They were just...poets talking about our civil rights violated by the cops. Just for talking about the injustice, we realized, they didn't care about us or our children. Nobody actually listened to the sad parts about CHILDREN being gunned down and mislead by a barren, disenfranchised society which was the entire point of gangsta rap.

    How many gays are systematically harassed, tortured, killed, rendered jobless and destitute in today's America? I am inclined to think there are a lot more than people care to hear.

    "In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends." -MLK Jr.

    The lives of GLBTs were invisible to me as well. I never knew that the power to stop this was not in the hands of the haters, but my own. I wield this power every chance I get now and I deeply regret not doing it years earlier. This same power is in the hands of non-hating white people who never saw my life, the bullets whizzing past me and all the funerals of my 18 year old friends in the 90s.  

    •  Seems to me that a message they might get... (2+ / 0-)
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      Predictor, GenXangster

      Well, since many of these folks like to walk around publicly carrying in large numbers at functions ot intimidate, perhaps a solution would be to do the same when "Pastor" Phelps shows up.

      I suspect that if a couple of dozen openly and obviously-carrying gays showed up at every one of his events, he'd get the message after awhile. Subtlety is not "Pastor" Phelps long suit. He needs a bludgeon for attention-getting purposes.

      I've seen him and his bunch on a campus several times in the late '90s and early 00's, accosting people between classes, catcalling them "sluts, fags, immoral, going to Hell" and lots of other nice things. He and his rabble were run off by campus security several times. Of course, they got lots of crap from the students, too.  Including me.

      The guy is running a personality dangerous cult.

      "Ridicule may lawfully be employed where reason has no hope of success." -7.75/-6.05

      by QuestionAuthority on Wed Mar 31, 2010 at 05:58:07 AM PDT

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