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  •  Very nice diary but (2+ / 0-)
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    raincrow, FarWestGirl

    Also remember that there are MANY out there who love and fight for their homosexual friends/family/strangers. Both Democrats and Republicans. Our fight for equality (yes "our", I'm gay) has taken far too long, and far too many good people have been hurt in the process, but I have also encountered so many inspirational and amazing men and women from all walks of life (gay, straight, bi, trans, conservative, liberal, hispanic, white, african-american, asian, old, young, religious, atheists, political, non-political) in my own fight for equality, and consider myself very, very lucky for being gay and having this opportunity to meet so many great people in this world who want to see me just as happy as them.

    And a suggestion for my LGBT friends out there who don't feel the homo love... Move to Boston =) (yeah yeah, I know, you shouldn't have to move to find equality. I'm just sharing my experience)

    •  Oh, and a little PS (4+ / 0-)

      I just reread the end of it, I'm so sorry to hear about how difficult it has been for you - I think I'm very lucky in that my family ended up being happy with me (despite the conservative/Christian background), and I don't mean to project my experience on yours. And just want you to know, no matter which idiots out there mistreat (or mistreated) you, there are a ton of people out there (myself included) who love you for everything that you are (including this excellent diary) hugs!! Keep on writing, this was great

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