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    This, all by itself, is likely to push most of those 200,000 families into default on one or more debts. Due to a mistake on the part of MA, my husband's unemployment was cut off this past winter - right before Christmas. It should have been an easy thing to fix in a day or two, but because it happened right before the holidays, and people were on vacation (hey, isn't this April vacation week in most of the country?), it took 6 weeks for his unemployment to be reinstated because of someone else's paperwork snafu, over which we had exactly zero control. Let's just say it didn't do our credit rating any good and our kids got to have their second gift-free Christmas in a row.

    My heart goes out to all the families who will be hurt by this callous and cruel Republican dirty trick. I imagine many families are panicking over what's about to befall them. I hope the Democrats all over the country take out full page ads explaining that the Republicans did this.

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