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View Diary: Alan Grayson Faces The Limbaugh Onslaught... Again (189 comments)

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  •  Concerned about Grayson's Israel stance.. (2+ / 0-)
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    Polacolor, orangecurtainlib

    I started this comment as follows below, but read through to the end to find some interesting info i found...  i'm also completely open to feedback on this.

    I am quite aware i'm likely to take some heat here, and so be it -- but i didn't see one comment in the 130+ here addressing that contains the word "Israel" or "Palestine", and that concerns me, that progressives are skipping over this rather critical issue that indeed affects us as Americans quite directly through terrorism threats.

    I want it to be said up front that i do think Alan Grayson is a true and fearless progressive hero on many fronts, and i honor how courageous he is with his words.  i have supported him with $, and will continue to do so.

    But i do for now maintain a bit of reserve, knowing his positions on Israel, and that he has in the past mostly toed the AIPAC line on this, has not criticized settlement-building as detrimental to the peace process (e.g. see TPM piece, in comments to this otherwise supportive FDL piece about him,, and Grayson himself in this interview with the Phil. Jewish Voice (search for comments on "Gaza"). )

    I have left these comments at his office (along with positive feedback on all i do support him on), and will continue to do so.  This is also fully the case with our other recent outspoken hero Anthony Weiner (and so it is also with most Congressfolk, indeed), who in fact sadly has criticized the Obama Admin for taking a firmer stance with Israel when the Admin (and esp. Joe Biden) was humiliated by the announcements of the new settlements in E J'lem.  [This is not Grayson's position, see link at end of this comment]

    I fully support Grayson, Weiner and all others on the issues we agree on, and realize we're always going to differ here and there on things, so i never expect some categorical obeisances to all Left positions from each Dem or anything (of course), and this is a complex issue, i feel, but.. these positions continue to concern me.

    Yes, i know he's Jewish through and through, sends his kids to Hebrew day school and all -- which is great, and fine.  but -- there are also excellent Jewish organizations (yes, in the minority, assuredly) that support Israel, and do work for a more fair and equitable situation in the Mideast at the same time (e.g. Jewish Voice for Peace, J Street / Brit Tzedek).

    Final comment: in doing my searches, i actually found this excellent Mar 17, 2010 Democracy Now piece where Amy G asks the hard q's on Israel and Palestine at the very end of the interview, pushes him some on it, and Grayson's responses are actually heartening, this is good to see.  perhaps his positions are evolving some, which i would be glad to see.

    •  I like that the Obama admin (1+ / 0-)
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      has been tougher on Israel.  The US should not merely accept such disrespect when we have been exceedingly supportive of Israel since the inception of the state of Israel.  

      I am truly amazed that congress feels compelled to support Israel no matter what.  

      While I realize that a renewed attempt at the "peace process" seem unlikely, this overtly tough stance by Israel must be tempered with some diplomacy for any progress to be achieved.

      Seems fundamentalism of every religious order is on the rise - worldwide.

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