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  •  Do not stand by my grave and weep. (4+ / 0-)
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    I posted this for Keith Oberman. I have found it to be the most comforting story. I beleive it is Objibwe (Great Lakes area/ Algonquin) story. I hope it helps.

    Do Not Stand by my Grave and Weep.

    There was this old married couple they had been married many years, had a good lodge, been through many winters and had many strong son and handsome strong daughters. They took joy in their little grandchildren and even great grandchildren who would joyously vex them.

    One day the old woman was looking around for her old man and could not find him. She searched the whole village calling for him and asking if anyone had seen him. She grew irritated. "Isn’t that just like him! Work to be done and he is on where to be found!" She was going to got on him she found him. She searched for days and days calling his name and not finding him. Finally, one of her sons-in-law said that he thought he had seen him berrying down by the creek a few days ago. "So that is it. All this work to be done and he is lazying about by the creek. Oh am I going roast his butt when I find him!"

    She went down to the berry patch and found his moccasin tracks. "You can run but you cannot hide you old buzzard!" She followed the track and saw that they intersected with Coyote. When she saw that Coyete was involved she knew that something was up. Now she went from livid to concerned. She thought long and hard about this and followed his tracks up a huge pine tree she had never seen and climbed up it. When she climb up there she saw that there was a huge blanket that was black on one side and blue on the other. She climbed up there and cut a whole in the blanket poked her head through and looked around called and looked around for her husband. She saw that this blanket went one through out the whole world just stretched at the treetops. On and she went through almost the whole world cut holes, poking her head through and calling for her husband.

    Exhausted she came to the end of the earth. She saw something. It was a figure laid out on a burial scaffold. She did not have to look she knew that this was her old man. She ran crying out and shooed away the raven and buzzards that wanted to feed.

    "GET AWAY FROM HIM YOU FOUL BIRDS!!" Then she began to heave great sobbs and wailed so hard that sometimes in the winter or during a rain storm you can still hear the echoes of her long ago wailing on the wind.
    Raven looked at her confused. "Woman why do you weep?"

    "My man was here and now he is gone.?"

    "Woman why do say he is gone?"

    "I touch him and there is no response, I look in his face and there is no smile. I touch his hand and he does not grip back, He gone! Gone!!" Then she began remsume her wailing"

    Raven continued "But, woman I see him right there how can be gone?"

    The old woman was taken aback. "Can he get off this platform? You stupid bird! Can he play with his little ones? Can he hunt? Provide food? Can he dance? Fight or make love?"

    "That is true but, I still say that he is not gone."

    The old woman was stunned and picked up a rock and heaved it at Raven. "Do you think I am a child?! I have no time for these silly games? I Don’t care how tough your meat is, I should smash you and eat you and when I pooped you out then maybe you might be good for something you filthy bird!"

    "Old woman I am here as a part of the greater whole and If that is the way of it then so be it. Let me ask you this? Did you and your old man not have many great times together?"

    "Of Course he was a good man maybe one of the best."

    "Did you not have many great strong sons and solid handsome daughters?"

    "Yes they are a constant joy for me."

    "Did they not have many great little ones that love you and that you love?"

    "My yes, Raven that is true."

    "Did you and your man not go through many scarce times, bad hunts, draughts and brutal winters"
    "Oh yes"

    "What kept you going through those times."

    "We found a way to work together, survive and work though it."

    "So you too found a way to work together. You two found a way to be one"

    "That’s right the two became one"

    So did not the two who became one not help out the band members in their hard times, Share yourharvest, and meat with them?"

    "Oh yes, we did that a lot."

    "So you helped them out and they lived right?"

    "When your old man sat in the lodge and you with the women did you not tell the stories to others."

    "Yes, But, I still do not see "

    Raven interjected "Did you and your old always lecture and talk about the hard times."

    "NO! of course not who would want to listen to some long boring lecture? You talk about the good and the bad. In fact, when the hard times come we told stories from the good times to keep the cycle going"

    "Raven squawked with joy "There you have it old woman you just proved my point he is not gone."
    The Old woman looked at Raven in "What are you talking about?"

    The old man gave me this message for you.

    Do not stand by my grave and weep for I am not there.

    I am in the wind, the sun and the air.

    It is upon the earth that we tread but it is in the heart that we live.

    As long as I live in your heart I shall live. I live in the wind. I live in my decedents. I live in their memories.

    So do not stand by my grave and weep for I am not there. I am in the wind, the sun and the air.
    I taught my sons to hunt and be honorable warriors. When they act this way I live there and they live with me.

    When my daughters took care of their old father they were doing the cycle that began their life. I will be there in their hearts. It is there I will be and have always been.

    Oh why do you stand by my grave and weep? For I am not there. I am in the wind the sun and the air.

    I was formed from the earth and the earth has been good to me. I have had a good life but, now my time is done and that is all.

    Today is as good as any to end my long trail. Now I rest. But, I will and never have left you. Though it is upon the earth that we tread, It is in the heart that we live as long as I live there I shall live so get to work now.

    And do not stand by my grave and weep for I am not there. I am in the wind the sun and in the air.

    Raven then flew off. The old woman heard a noise behind her. It was her man. They looked at each other with love for a while. "Hey old woman." He said as he gave her a loving smile. "You sure made a mess of the blanket."

    "Ya, I suppose so"

    "Well, yet again I will clean up after you. I should used to that by now."

    With that they embraced and both went to the ends of the earth. The each grabbed a side of the blanket and rose up and up into the sky. To this day they are up there shaking and clean the blanket. Sometime they will look through and see their decedents and weep. They shake is out at night when you look at the black side you can see the star holes peaking through.

    Okay, I know that I missed some points here.

    I also know that I did not get the words of the message song right yet, I think, I caught the gist of it.

    I hope it helps.

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