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    I was taken with the highlighted part of the quote in the diary that specified the percentage of white teabaggers who thought blacks or latinos were intelligent, hardworking, etc. I wondered if there were control questions about whether they thought whites were hardworking, intelligent, trustworthy.

    But why I found it so interesting is that I have a friend who thinks the tea party is the best idea since sliced white bread. During the last presidential election campaign we had a few discussions. He complained that he couldn't vote for Obama because Obama just didn't sound smart enough to him. And he thought that Sarah Palin was a pretty sharp knife and had a lot of stuff going on. Just about the diametric opposite of reality.

    On quizzing him a little (couldn't take it very far), I got the idea that his definition of intelligence was how close to his, and his peer's, worldview and mode of speaking someone came. It wasn't about what they seemed to know, but whether they seemed to see the world in the same way he did.

    I wonder if that's not where some of these results come from - the teabag types are only able to accept and admire people who look and sound like them.

    Just a thought.

    Republicans: The No-it-all Party

    by Mr Bojangles on Thu Apr 08, 2010 at 03:23:57 PM PDT

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