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View Diary: Race and the Tea Baggers: the data we've been waiting for (234 comments)

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  •  It may be the fault of the publicity flacks (3+ / 0-)
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    but this news release leaves a lot to be desired.

    So, let me give a few points...

    1. I don't think American blacks and Hispanics are hard working.  Horrors!
    1. However, I think the same thing about American whites and, in general, about most Americans in general.

    Now, this may be because of who I compare with - I have spent most of my career overseas in the Third World and, frankly, very few Americans work hard compared to how people work when they must work or go hungry.

    As for intelligence, do you think most blacks are intelligent?  Most whites?  Most Americans?  Compared to what?  Frankly, it's a stupid question.  You might get some interesting info on racial attitudes if you also included the questions on whites and Americans in general and compared but just stand alone on Hispanics and blacks tells you nothing.

    In addition, you can't learn anything about Tea Party supporters vs. Americans in general unless you provide comparative numbers.  For example, wouldn't it be embarrassing if 35% of white Tea Party supporters thought blacks were intelligent but only 30% of white Tea Party opponents thought they were intelligent?

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