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View Diary: New Study: Race plays large role in Tea Party anger (285 comments)

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  •  This survey is worthless for now (1+ / 0-)
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    First, they either didn't ask or didn't report these same questions about white (i.e. intelligence, hard working, government handouts).  Without this data, it's impossible to know whether the attitudes toward blacks and Latinos differs from the attitudes toward whites.

    Second, they're working with a very small sample.  They surveyed 494 whites, 45% of whom were supportive of the Tea Party.  That means the samples everyone is getting up in arms about are from just 222 people.  There's a huge margin of error for a sample of that size.

    I have very little doubt that teabaggers are more racist than non-baggers, but I don't think this poll tells us anything worthwhile.  I'd love to see the actual data and crosstabs, and I think it's pretty sketchy that they weren't released.

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